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About Retrofit Energy Upgrades

Retrofit Energy Upgrades is privately owned Irish Company. With over 20 years experience working in the energy arena both in Ireland and in Germany, we specialize in retrofitting domestic and commercial buildings.

We offer practical, tailor made solutions and a professional service.

We ensure that you avoid costly mistakes - for Example:

A common practice we have encountered in the marketplace is contractors applying insulated plasterboards slabs onto solid block walls without taking into consideration the existing moisture trapped in original walls. This is an example of a retrofit upgrade that will result in mould and condensation build up. When the outdoor temperature reduces, the moisture in the wall will make its way through the slab and onto the surface of the inside of the wall - thus causing mould and condensation problems.

Retrofit Energy Upgrades specialises is deep retrofit management. As it is your home or commercial property we are working with, it is paramount that the correct method and detail is adhered to in completing retrofit projects. Our professional technicians and architects will only implement the most energy efficient products on the market and a solution that suits your home or commercial property.

We research all new products and methods used in the retrofit industry. The retrofit model we use is based on information obtained from the Energy Conservation Centre (E.U.Z. energie umvelt zentrum) in North Germany. Building physicists carryout many experiments on walls using different insulation applications under many different weather conditions. In this way, walls in existing structures can treated as necessary before insulation slabs are applied, thus avoiding problems with condensation and mould.

We have learned and applied the correct methods in energy upgrades for buildings and look forward to being part of your retrofit energy upgrade project.

Retrofit Energy Upgrades is brought to you in conjunction with Irish Energy Assessors and S&N Energies Ireland.