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Commercial Energy Upgrades

Our emmsions in Ireland is one and a half times the european average.

The Building Envelope Improvements

External insulation is the most cost effective practice in improving efficiency in the running cost of the building. It is also practical in application, as it is applied externally and doesn't disrupt the workforce.

Roof Insulation.

From our experience many commercial buildings were designed with suspended ceilings. Between the ceiling and the roof, this void is not insulated and results in heat loss. Above the ceiling we insulate this area with bagged cellulose. This is an effective solution to cancel the heat loss which we can arranged over the weekends


Lighting costs can account for 20% to 45% of electricity consumption depending on the type of business your are running. Significant cost savings can be achieved by replacing old fittings and lights with more energy efficient equipment and fittings.

Heat recovery ventilation and air conditioning.

Solar PV

Solar panels for water heating.

Water Harvestation tanks


Retrofit Energy Upgrades is brought to you in conjunction with Irish Energy Assessors and S&N Energies Ireland.