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Retrofit Your Home

Our emmsions in Ireland is one and a half times the european average. Carbon natural homes are not just something you see Duncan and Tania Stewart talking about on About The House, Retro fitting is here and we all need to get on board. Whilst the cost and hassle of a retrofit of your home may seem somewhat daunting, especially in today's economy, spending the money now to safeguard your home from ever increasing energy costs will save you money in the long run. Thankfully the Irish government is helping out all Irish Home Owners, with the cost of retrofitting our homes, with the launch of the Better Energy Homes Scheme.

The scheme is carried out thought the SEAI, with the objective to aid homeowners with houses built before 2006 in Ireland to improve the energy performance of their homes.

So What Are The Benefits Of Retrofitting?
By completely retrofitting your home with energy saving lightbulbs, insulation and renewable energy systems, You can be sure to expect lower energy bills, better fuel efficiency and higher comfort levels.

What type of work is involved in retro fitting a house?
Every house is different and every home owner has different budgets, there are a number of Retrofitting Services and Applications available to you, and during our assessment of the house we will talk through each one with you.

Retrofit Energy Upgrades is brought to you in conjunction with Irish Energy Assessors and S&N Energies Ireland.