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FAQ's About Retrofitting A Building

The Most Common Question We Get Asked Is. . .

What retrofit practices are most cost effective?


  • Cavity wall insulation, pumped into the cavity, this is the void between the inside and the outside walls. Most buildings will have a 2 inch (50mm) white insulation installed in the cavity
  • Attic insulation, rolled out over the joists in the roof space
  • Internal insulation, this is an insulated platerslab board, normally 72.5mm in depth fitted on wood treated batons (2*1) with vapor control layer and then your insulated slab or better known as the cozy board

Heating controls upgrade and boiler replacement

  • Replace the old boiler with a new condensing boiler
  • Install heating control panel. This device will allow you separate the hot water from the heating.
  • Thermostats should be fitted to this unit to control the heating in each room
  • Separate the heating system by zoning, have one motorized valve controlling heat on the ground and another motorized valve controlling the heating on the second
  • The entire system is controlled by the control panel which has a seven day programmer

Thermal Envelope (outer walls of the building)

  • Carryout a air pressure test to identify heat leakage or gaps in the building
  • Seal around window and door openings by caulking
  • Replace the internal window and door seals
  • Insert chimney draught excluders on open fireplaces. This allows you control the amount of heat leaving the room


What is the Better Energy in the Home scheme?:

This is the scheme available to home owners.

Who can avail of the scheme?:

A property built before 31st December 2006.

Can I carryout home improvements and receive a grant from SEAI?:

No, you must hire contractors from the SEAI registered contractors list.

Is there a cost evaluation for the works?:

Yes, all contractors involved will submit quotes before any work commences.

When does the grant expire?:

It expires 6 months after the application has been accepted.

How to avoid condensation and mould?:

Do not upgrade cavity wall insulation or internal wall insulation in a building with single glazing windows. Condensation will appear on the reveal of the window and through time will convert into black mould

How much of a grant will I receive?:

This will depend on the home improvements undertaken.

Must the energy upgrades comply with current building regulations? :

Yes. www.enviorn.ie Building Standards Part L
Retrofit Energy Upgrades is brought to you in conjunction with Irish Energy Assessors and S&N Energies Ireland.